The Ins and Outs of the Academy of Finance and Enterprise

Are you a potential student, an inquisitive parent, or someone intrigued by progressive educational methodologies? Then you have to understand the insider’s guide to the Academy of Finance and Enterprise.

In this article, I will guide you through a comprehensive understanding of the distinctive high school. I will cover the ins and outs of the Academy of Finance and Enterprise. Also you can learn its rigorous business-focused curriculum to extracurricular activities. So, continue reading the whole article carefully.

An Overview of the Academy of Finance and Enterprise

The Academy of Finance and Enterprise (AFE) provides high school students with a challenging college preparatory curriculum focused on finance, business, and entrepreneurship.

The AFE curriculum combines finance, business, economics, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Students develop technical and soft skills through project-based learning, internships, and networking opportunities. The program also includes:

  • Finance and Investment: Learn financial literacy, financial analysis, and portfolio management. Students can earn college credits and professional certifications.
  • Entrepreneurship: Develop a business plan, learn sales and marketing, and gain real-world experience running a school-based enterprise.
  • Accounting and Economics: Study microeconomics, macroeconomics, financial accounting, and managerial accounting.

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AFE opens doors to prestigious colleges and careers. Over 95% of students pursue higher education, with many receiving substantial scholarships and admissions to top schools. Students also build professional networks and gain work experience through internships at major companies.


AFE students achieve at high levels. They consistently win or place in national finance and business plan competitions. Many also earn professional certifications like the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification.

The AFE students emerge with the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed in college and their careers. If you have a passion for finance or business, the AFE can unlock your potential and open up a world of opportunities.

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The Application and Admissions Process

To be accepted into the Academy of Finance and Enterprise (AFE), you’ll need to submit an application and go through an admissions interview. The application requires basic information like your name, address, and transcripts from your current high school. It also includes short answer questions about your interests in business and finance.

The Application

The application opens in early fall and the deadline is usually in late January or early February. You’ll fill out the application on the AFE website and will need to submit transcripts, test scores, and a personal essay. The essay prompt typically asks you to discuss your career and academic goals, as well as what interests you about AFE’s programs.

This is your chance to show your passion for learning about business and finance. Discuss any relevant coursework, extracurriculars, volunteer work or jobs that have sparked your interest. Explain what you hope to gain from the AFE curriculum and how you plan to apply your knowledge after graduating.

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The Admissions Interview

If your application is accepted, you’ll be invited to interview with the admissions committee. This is an opportunity for them to get to know you and determine if you’re a good fit for the program. Be prepared to discuss your experiences, goals, and reasons for applying to AFE in more depth. Bring copies of your resume and be ready to showcase your enthusiasm for the school.

Dress professionally, make eye contact, and speak confidently about your qualifications and motivation. Ask thoughtful questions that show your interest and curiosity about the program. The interview usually lasts around 30 minutes. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email notifying you if you’ve been accepted, rejected, or waitlisted for admission to the Academy of Finance and Enterprise.

With the right preparation and passion, you’ll ace the application and admissions process. Soon you’ll be on your way to joining the AFE community and pursuing your dreams in the world of finance!

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Academics and Course Offerings

The Academy of Finance and Enterprise (AFE) offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum focused on business, finance, and entrepreneurship. Core classes in English, math, science and history provide a well-rounded education and prepare students for success in college.

Finance and Business Courses

The AFE’s specialized programs in finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship are what set it apart. Required courses include Introduction to Finance, International Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Students learn practical skills like developing a business plan, analyzing financial statements, and managing an investment portfolio.

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Internships and Work Experience

Internships and work experience provide opportunities to apply what students learn in the classroom to real-world situations. All students complete an internship at a local business during their junior and senior years. Students have interned at companies like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, and startup tech companies. These experiences are invaluable in helping students decide on a college major and career path.

College Counseling and Advising

The AFE’s college counseling program helps students explore college options and navigate the application process. Students work closely with counselors to identify good college matches based on their interests and strengths. Counselors also help students prepare for important milestones like college entrance exams and completing college applications.

The AFE prepares students with a challenging academic program, real-world work experiences, and extensive college counseling. Graduates go on to top universities across the country and around the world, equipped with a solid financial and entrepreneurial foundation.

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Student Life and Extracurricular Activities

Academic Excellence

The Academy of Finance and Enterprise aims to foster academic excellence in its students. The rigorous curriculum focuses on finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Students are challenged with college-level coursework and have the opportunity to earn college credits.

Leadership Opportunities

There are many leadership opportunities for students to get involved in. The Academy has over 15 student organizations and clubs ranging from Model UN to Junior Achievement. Students can take on leadership roles to organize fundraisers, community service events, and school activities.

Internships and Job Shadowing

The Academy partners with many local businesses to provide students internship and mentorship opportunities. Students get exposure to jobs like financial analyst, accountant, and entrepreneur to help determine their career paths. These experiences also allow students to start building their professional networks.

The Academy of Finance and Enterprise prepares students for success in college and beyond.

Preparing for College and Career Success After Graduation

At the Academy of Finance and Enterprise (AFE), preparing for life after high school is a top priority. The rigorous curriculum and internship programs give you a head start on college and career success.

Challenging Coursework

The AFE program provides over 25 college prep courses, from Accounting and Business Law to Statistics and Macroeconomics. Classes move at an accelerated pace to prepare you for the demands of higher education. You’ll develop strong analytical, critical thinking, and time management skills that will serve you well in college and beyond.

Real-World Experience

In addition to classroom learning, AFE students complete internships at local businesses to gain on-the-job experience. As an AFE student, you’ll have the opportunity to intern at companies like JPMorgan Chase, PwC, and BlackRock.

Interning at a Fortune 500 company looks impressive on college applications and resumes. It also helps you explore various career paths to determine what ignites your passion.

College and Career Guidance

Deciding which college to attend and what career to pursue can feel overwhelming. AFE provides resources and guidance to help you navigate this process. College counselors will meet with you and your family to determine good college fits based on your interests and goals.

You’ll also work with a career coach who can help assess your skills and interests to explore potential career options. By graduation, you’ll have a solid plan to confidently take your next steps.

The Academy of Finance and Enterprise goes beyond a typical high school curriculum to provide real-world preparation for life after graduation. With challenging courses, internship experience, and guidance to pursue your dreams.

Bottom Line

In this article, you just read an inside look at the Academy of Finance and Enterprise. This innovative high school gives students real-world experience in business and finance. From learning about stocks and managing investment portfolios to job shadowing and internships, students gain practical skills.

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